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Tivoli Day Trip

Tivoli, Tibur as it was once known, has archaeological remains that date back to 1300 BC, making it older than Rome. It boasts no less than two designated UNESCO World Heritage sites: Hadrian's Villa and the Villa d'Este. About 19 miles north-east of the Eternal City in the Sabine Hills, Tivoli was once at the head of what modern historians call the Latin League, a confederation of pre-Roman villages in the region of Latium (Lazio today), but Roman power crushed the Latin League and it became a colony of Rome. Like the ancient and Renaissance aristocrats that built their country estates here, today's visitors will appreciate its natural beauty and the waterfall that cascades down its central hilltop. The 16th-century estate of the d'Este family sits in the middle of town with its beautiful frescoes and elaborate terraced gardens overlooking the valley. A bit further afield lie the ruins of Emperor Hadrian's 2nd-century imperial palace. Whether you opt to visit one or both, you'll enjoy a gourmet meal at a 5th-generation family-owned and operated restaurant in the center of the old town. 

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Option 1: With private transport to and from Rome you will be dropped at the center of the old town to see the Rocca Pia castle, visit the Villa d'Este, and walk through the Villa Gregoriana national park to see an ancient temple and the town's famous waterfall. Then enjoy a 3-course gourmet lunch at a 5th-generation family-owned restaurant. After lunch private transport will bring you to explore the ruins of Emperor Hadrian's Imperial Villa.  

Option 2: Tivoli is easily accessible by train and this lower-price option will bring you independently to the central train station where you will be met by your local guide. Visit the Villa d'Este and then enjoy a 3-course gourmet lunch at a 5th-generation family-owned restaurant. After lunch you'll see Rocca Pia castle, an ancient temple, and the town's famous waterfall on a walk through the old town and the Villa Gregoriana national park. 


  • Villa d'Este and gardens
  • Villa Gregoriana park
  • Rocca Pia Castle
  • Temple of the Sibyl
  • Hadrian's Villa


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