Roman Scandal - Past and Present - Rome Walks
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Roman Scandal - Past and Present

Our semi-private Scandal Walk delves deep into the ancient, the Renaissance and the modern periods of Roman history. Discover the scandals, the scams and the shocking plots that lie beneath the surface of the world of emperors, artists, aristocracy and the Papacy.

Ancient Rome: Why was Nero one of the most scandalous emperors? Why were generations of the Imperial court beset by scandal?

Renaissance: How did Roman citizens express public criticism of popes and princes during the without fear of physical reprisal?  Which of the most beautiful Renaissance palaces in Rome was built with the winnings of a single night of gambling? Which piazza was the location of public executions (by burning) under the Inquisition and of book burnings during the Nazi occupation? Which mistress of Pope Alexander VI Borgia gained family titles, lands and papal rank due to their love affair?

Twentieth Century: What deception did Mussolini use to convince the Roman people that he laboured for them day and night? How did he and his mistress meet their end?

Your guide will answer these questions and more during this walk through the streets of Piazza Venezia, Campo di Fiori and Ponte degli Angeli (Castel Sant'Angelo)

Small Groups 8 - 10 People.

This 3 hour walking tour is available:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 10 am and 4 pm.


Adults 75 Euro

Students 18- 26 years 60 Euro

Children under 18 years 35 Euro


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