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Forgotten Places and Spaces with Historian

For travellers seeking to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in the midst of Rome's less-seen treasures and explore some of the secrets of city's past and present.

This walk begins with the stunning square and vista atop the Capitoline Hill, then passes between the Forum and Tiber river see the Mouth of Truth, made famous in a classic scene from the film "A Roman Holiday". Walk along the remains of the enormous Circus Maximus, where Ben Hur raced his chariot, then up the verdant slopes of the Aventine Hill, where ancient temples have been replaced with peaceful churches and beautiful gardens.

Our Forgotten Places & Spaces Walk includes*:

Victor Emmanuel Monument
Capitoline Hill
Theatre of Marcellus
San Nicola in Carcere
Temple of Hercules Victor
Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verita from the outside)
St. Mary in Cosmedin
Arch of Janus
St. George in Velabro
Circus Maximus
Rose Garden (in spring only)
Orange Garden
St. Sabina
Knights of Malta keyhole.

*Itinerary may vary.

Small Groups 8 - 10 People.

This 2 hour walking tour is available:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 4 pm.


Adults 65 Euro

Students 18- 26 years 50 Euro

Children under 18 years 50 Euro

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