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Ancient City/Colosseum Walk (3 hrs) with Archaeologists or Historians

From EUR 92

Small Groups 2 to 8 people.  Includes skip the line entrance tickets.

Discover the glory of ancient Rome in all its splendor: the Colosseum and the ruins of temples, palaces and halls of state in the Ancient City come to life in the company of one of our enthusiastic scholar-guides. 

On this 3-hour walk we enter the Colosseum and learn about  its origin, architecture and what happened to its missing pieces. Here you will hear about the intriguing and terrifying events which took place inside the famous arena, where human beings were slaughtered by wild beasts before raving audiences.

Explore the heart of the Ancient City, walking amongst excavations that have uncovered one of the most astounding archaeological sites in the world, twenty feet below present day Rome. Travel back in time almost 3,000 years, into the trades and scams of the Roman Forum. Visiting the ancient markets and spellbinding temples, you will walk in the footsteps of Julius Ceasar, come to the site of his memorial and learn where and why he was murdered. 

The Palatine Hill, just south of the Forum, is both the oldest inhabited area of the city (settled in the iron age when Rome was little more than a swampy patch of land) and the site of crumbling emperor's palaces, reaching the height of opulence under the reign of Domitian. Enjoy the enchanting ruins in their lush setting, allow yourself to be enveloped by the bewitching atmosphere of a lost world: that of Rome's birthplace.

Our Ancient City & Colosseum Walk includes:

Colosseum: 1st and 2nd tiers only
Arch of Constantine
Roman Forum (Senate House, Basilicae-Courts, Temples of Caesar, Vestal Virgins, Antoninus & Faustina Arches of Titus and Septimius Severus)
Palatine Hill (Imperial palaces, Farnese Gardens, Hippodrome)

All guides are fully licensed, degreed archaeologists, curators, and art historians who are hand-picked for their passion and eloquence.

Small Groups 2 - 8 people

This 3 hour walking tour is available:

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting at 8.30 am

Sunday starting at 8.15 am

Pricing includes entry tickets

Adults 92 Euro

Students 18- 26 years 74 Euro

Children under 18 years 64 Euro

NB: The first Sunday of the month, the Colosseum offers free entrance but due to the extra crowds, we will keep the tour to the same price.  As, we have extend the tour by 40 - 60 minutes, due to the extra time required to enter the Colosseum.


From EUR 92

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