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As a center for history, art, architecture and religion, Rome has attracted visitors from all over the world for centuries. Rome Walks' mission is to give our clients special, one-of-a-kind experiences, which is why we have chosen to keep our tours small, with personalized service, attention to detail, and carefully selected guides.


With over 2000 years of history beneath our feet, we believe there is nothing better than having a friendly, local expert at your side to bring the past to life. As an English-language company, all of our guides are perfectly fluent in English so that they can pass on their knowledge and capture the interest of visitors both young and old.


Don't spend your time in Rome waiting in line: all of our tours skip the long lines for entry to the Colosseum and Vatican. Rome is a vibrant, chaotic city; our guides go the extra mile to make visitors feel welcome and at home. Rome Walks' responsive staff is always ready to help with suggestions, questions and more.


With special tours for art-lovers, religious itineraries and much more, exploring the hidden gems of Rome has never been easier. Email us with any questions or inquiries, we guarantee a quick, personalized response.


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Borghese Gallery Private VIP with Art Historian

Tour pricing starts for 1 to 4 people. For a unique and intimate experience of this limited-entry boutique museum located in the lush Borghese Gardens, we invite you to discover these treasures along with one of our passionate art historian guides. Any true art-lover simply cannot miss out on this treasure trove of Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces.  Drawn from the collection assembled by Cardinal Scipione Borghese in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the Borghese Gallery includes major works by Raphael, Rubens, Titian, Caravaggio, Antonello da Messina and Canova.  Set amongst Roman period treasures such as mosaics showing gladiatorial combat and busts of the emperors are the stunning early sculptures of Gianlorenzo Bernini, such as his famed David and the breath-taking Daphne and Apollo, created especially for the Cardinal, the first major patron of the promising young artist.The collection is housed in the Villa or "casino", built between 1613 and 1616 on the Cardinal's landscaped country estate, now one of the largest public parks in Rome. The remarkable architecture and opulent decoration of the gallery create the perfect setting to discover one of Italy's greatest art collections. Starting price for up to 4 People. This 2.5 hour walking tour is available: Tuesday to Sunday starting at 8.30 am, 10.30 am, 12.30 pm, 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm. Pricing includes entry tickets. Up to 4 People 340 Euro Up to 5 People 385 Euro Up to 6 People 435 Euro Up to 7 People 480 Euro Up to 8 People 525 Euro Please inquire for larger groups. Hotel pick up available at an additional cost and alternative preferred start times can be arranged, for further information please email your inquiry.

For Art's Sake!

This semi-private walk for real art aficionados will get you out of the crowds and into the quiet churches to show you a sculpture by Michelangelo, some of Caravaggio's most stunning canvases, a fresco by Raphael and the only known signature of Donatello, all without entering a single museum. The number of artistic masterpieces in Rome is staggering, but many visitors are so overwhelmed with popular attractions like the Vatican and Colosseum that they can miss out on the city's best kept secrets. This semi-private walk for real art aficionados will get you out of the crowds and into the quiet churches to show you a sculpture by Michelangelo, some of Caravaggio's most stunning canvases, a fresco by Raphael and the only known signature of Donatello, all without entering a single museum. Here art comes to life through your guide's recreation of the exciting atmosphere of Renaissance and Baroque Rome. Our carefully designed itinerary includes the church of St. Augustine ("Madonna di Loreto" by Caravaggio and the "Prophet Isaiah" by Raphael; San Luigi dei Francesi ("Calling of Saint Matthew" and others by Caravaggio); St. Ignatius(cupola and nave by Andrea Pozzo, Baroque master of trompe l'oeil); Santa Maria Sopra Minerva ("Christ the Redeemer" by Michelangelo); Il Gesu (history of the Jesuits and their role in Baroque art) and Santa Maria in Aracoeli(Tombstone of Giovanni Crivelli by Donatello, "San Bernardino of Siena" by Pinturicchio). Small Groups 2 - 4 People This 3 hour walking tour is available: Monday to Sunday starting 9 am and 3 pm. Pricing: Adults 95 euro Students 18- 26 years 70 Euro Children under 18 years 70 Euro    

Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere Walk with Historian

A walk through the Roman Ghetto and Trastevere, tracing the history of the Europe's oldest Jewish community through this still-vibrant quarter with its fountains, piazzas and cobblestoned backstreets.  Ancient Rome was once the capital city of a thousand-year empire that ruled over 65 million people from the most diverse parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. Out of the rubble of that empire the popes built a new city to be the capital of the "mother church" for the world's faithful Catholics. But living on the margins of these dominant traditions was Rome's Jewish community, the oldest Jewish community in Europe. This walk will recount their 2,200-year tale of survival through slavery, inquisition, imprisonment and Nazi execution. The walk retraces the area of the gated Jewish ghetto, demolished in the nineteenth century, to build a picture of how its 5,000 inhabitants were packed into a slum-quarter of just seven acres. It continues over the oldest bridge in Rome to the Tiber Island and Trastevere district, which literally means in Italian "across the Tiber." This area was once occupied by foreign communities from the eastern provinces of the Roman empire, including Jerusalem, but today it will be the perfect place to end the evening with a glass of wine in one of its many charming cafes. Small Groups 2 - 6 People. This 3 hour walking tour is available: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday starting at 3pm. (Note: November to March this tours starts at 2 pm.) Fridays starting at 9 am. Pricing: Adults 85 Euro Students 18- 26 years 65 Euro Children under 18 years 55 Euro  

Skip-the-Line Vatican & Sistine Walk - Private VIP Wednesday Papal Audience 4 hr with Historian

Tour pricing starts for 1 to 4 people. On Wednesday mornings we start at 9.30 am giving you the rare opportunity to be part of the Papal Audience before we begin the tour. Vatican City is not only the smallest country in the world, it is home to the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's basilica. With nearly five million visitors a year and mazes of galleries, having one of our friendly experts at your side to guide you though will provide an invaluable experience. Available as a small group or private tour.  The collections of the Vatican Museums began in the early 16th century, when the Holy See attracted the greatest artists to the city to compete fiercely for the pope's eye, thus producing some of the finest masterpieces in the world. It was during this period that the decoration of the Sistine Chapel was completed by Michelangelo, who, upon finishing the Last Judgement in 1541, had created perhaps the most influential schematic vision of the Christian universe from the moment of its creation to its tumultuous end. St. Peter's basilica, the largest Christian church ever built, is a tour de force of Baroque architecture and decoration showcasing the genius of Gianlorenzo Bernini, but also contains Michelangelo's Pietà and the tomb of the recently beatified Pope John Paul II. We'll take you on a journey back to the origins of Christianity to understand the history of the Vatican and the horrible fate of Saint Peter, the Prince of Apostles. Our Vatican & Sistine Walks include: Raphael Rooms Sistine Chapel St. Peter's Basilica Pio-Clementine Galleries Hall of the Candelabra Hall of Tapestries Hall of the Maps This walking tour is available: Wednesdays only starting at 9.30 am. Pricing includes entry tickets: Up to 4 People 495 Euro Up to 5 People 565 Euro Up to 6 People 635 Euro Up to 7 People 705 Euro Up to 8 People 775 Euro Please inquire for larger groups. NOTE: The Vatican requires students to have ID showing proof of age. Hotel pick up available at an additional cost and alternative preferred start times can be arranged, for further information please email your inquiry.  

Twilight Rome Walk with a Historian

One of the best orientations to the city is a stroll through the historical center, with its narrow streets and breathtaking vistas of piazzas, fountains and ruins. But why not put your map away for two hours and let one of our expert, local guides lead the way?  It is these explanations, stories and helpful tips that bring the city to life on a relaxing walk that  takes in not only the major sites of the city center but also a few hidden gems easily missed by the casual tourist. We start near the colourful Campo dei Fiori, where the statue of philosopher Giordano marks the spot where he was burned at the stake for heresy in the year 1600. We head next Piazza Navona and Bernini's famous Fountain of the Four Rivers. The next stop is the Pantheon. Although refashioned as Catholic church, this Roman temple dedicated to all the gods stands as the most stunning example of ancient Roman engineering. Its perfect dimensions and soaring dome have astounded architects and engineers for generations.  We continue through the narrow cobblestone streets to the Trevi Fountain where you will get a chance to toss in a coin. Legend says those who do are destined to return to the Eternal City.The tour ends at the foot of the elegant Spanish Steps, where generations of world-weary travellers and Romantic poets made their home away from home. Your guide will be sure to recommend some authentic restaurants close by for a traditional Roman dinner and a glass of wine. Small Groups 2 - 8 People This 2 hour walking tour is available: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 5pm (May-Sept) Pricing: Adults 60 Euro Students 18-24 years 50 euro Children under 18 years 45 Euro    

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